Modern Day Princesses: Cinderella

Finally this long awaited post has graced your laptop screens… Now I don't know about you all, but I see myself as an honorary princess, and my boyfriend would definitely confirm this fact. 

He calls me princess on a day-to-day basis, and not in that creepy 14 year old kind of way. Instead it's more of a generally sarcastic insult, usually after I've said or done something particularly princessy.

Anyway, rambling over. Basically I pulled this outfit together the other day, and a wave of Princesspiration hit me (yes thats right, I merged the words princess and inspiration). The full skirt, paired with a cute little ribbon tied top not, and a pink smokey eye, just sang princess at me; and I had the idea to combine my favourite things. Beauty, fashion and princesses combined has resulted in my first ever segment here on Captivate.

This outfit was so Cinderella, I absolutely adored it. This Primark midi skirt was from last summer, and it's never been worn, I couldn't believe I'd forgotten about it. I paired it with my H&M crop top that I bought in Dubai. The final touches were to tie my hair into a bun with a ribbon, which is harder than it looks, particularly with the noticeable absent of helpful birds and mice.

Using my Iconic Makeup Revolution Palette and my Pink Gold Colour Tattoo I made the pinkest and most sparkly eye makeup possible, with a little feline flick, and the look was completed.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know which princess you'd like to see next in the comments or over on my instagram: @captivatestyle. Also don't forget to go and check out Tagstr, a new app where all your social media combines, go find me @captivatestyle.

I'm off to Kos on Tuesday, but I'll try and persuade the birds and mice to publish a few posts for me.

Love N x


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