Festival Vibes and Kate Bosworth Braids

Evening all, just a quick post as I'm queuing while I'm away on holiday. 

I know I'm a bit passed Coachella now but we are officially in festival season. I fell in love with Kate Bosworth's Coachella braid, but wasn't sure how to make it wearable. Then I saw that Lydia (Fashion Influx), one of my favourite bloggers had copied her style, so repetitive tutorial watching lead to this look. 

Apologies for the fact you can't see the braids hugely well, it's difficult to take pictures of the top of your head and see what you're doing at the same time!

I though that the braid looked so cute, with this little stroppy back playsuit, and would be so wearable at a festival.

Hope you liked this post and let me know your thoughts as usual. See you all when I'm back!

Love N x


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