Magnitone Barefaced: Your Skin's Saviour

Evening everyone, I thought I'd do a little post about this amazing little gadget that I got for Christmas. This is the Magnitone Barefaced, and it's about to revolutionise your skincare routine.

The set comes with the Magnitone itself, one brush head, the pink travel bag and the magnetic charger. It also comes with one years warranty and a £5 off voucher for any replacement brush heads, if you register the warranty, which is fab.

I use the Magnitone once a day. Morning or night depends on my shift pattern, but it's brilliant at both times of day. It has a timer setting for 1 minute, and beeps after 20 seconds for you to change to a different area of the T-zone. It has a standard setting and the "pulse-tone" setting, and they're both fantastic at cleansing your skin, and they leave your skin irresistibly smooth.

The good thing about the Magnitone is you can use it with whatever face wash you like, or have lying around, so it can move seamlessly into your evening routine (and it's pink - so we're all winners here).

In terms of improving my skin it's difficult to say, as I have pretty good skin most of the time anyway, but working in the hospital my skin often feels dirty and greasy when I get home; and it's definitely cleansing and gives my skin so much radiance.

I really recommend the Magnitone for every skin type, I'll leave the links down below.

Lots of love, N x

Magnitone Barefaced:


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