The Day After the Night Before

Hi guys, hope you're all well.

I've been doing night shifts for the past couple of days, and as you may know, they're really tough on your body. I felt so rough when I finished that I had a little bit of a spruce up and refresher with these products.

Dr Jart Water Skin Mist helped to refresh my skin, it's very prone to spots where it gets so dry on the shifts, so this product is perfect. The MUA nail varnish is in a pretty spring colour, and I know it's coming up to autumn but it brightened up my outfit a little bit. Finally, I slathered myself in this Primark Rollerball perfume. It's called Floral Exotica and it's literally like Pina Colada in a bottle, the rollerball is perfect to throw in your purse, and it was only £2.

So that's it for now, sorry it's another short one. I also apologise for the state of my writing but I'm currently running on about 4 hours sleep.

Love you all and thank you for 2,000 views.

N x


  1. Awh this is cute post! I'm going to have a look at the primark rollerballs today, seem so handy to put in a bag x
    han // em&han xo

  2. The nailpolish is such a pretty colour. That's a shame about your night shifts, I used to work those and found it quite difficult. Would love if you could check out my recent fashion post? :)

    The Fashion Road

    1. they're horrendous aren't they! I will definitely have a look lovely x

  3. The face mist sounds great and I'm going to have to give the perfume a go, it sounds like the perfect scent to me.xx

    1. you can't get better than the smell of pina colada! x


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