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Hello guys, I hope you're all well this evening. I apologise for the little break in posts, but you know how it is, life happens. I am however, back with a vengeance.

This post is an exciting one for me - no I'm not getting married, but I was approached by the lovely team at Aisle Style to do a post talking about their amazing site. Now, when a brand approach me, I'm always intrigued, but I like to research the brand thoroughly in order to ensure it's a good fit for me and my blog. Also, I don't like to endorse brands I don't believe in, and I like to be really honest with my readers.

So, on the subject of honesty, I was a little bit cynical when I initially browsed the site. There was me thinking about all the horror stories I've heard of people ordering wedding, bridesmaid and prom dresses online and then on arrival they are absolute catastrophes. Well, after a minute I took my cynical hat off and placed it on a shelf.

Firstly, the website is presented really well, all the deals and sales are on the homepage so you can head for those straight away. The dresses are split into wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, party dresses and special occasion dresses and are then subcategorised again so you can be really specific.

Secondly, I was blown away by the volume of choice there was. I was scrolling endlessly through almost 2,000 wedding dresses, there were dresses to fit every personality, season, skin tone, body shape etc. etc. etc. On top of that all of the reviews were fair and reasonable, I was expecting to go on and read about horrendous delivery times, poor quality garments, not resembling their pictures. But, what I came across was exactly the opposite. Almost all of the reviews mentioned how they were surprised by the quality of their items, especially considering the price. As well as this, Aisle Style offer custom measurements for only £29.99, so you can have your dress perfectly tailored to you.

One of the reasons I fell in love with this brand, and decided to include it as a feature on my blog, was how reasonable their prices are. Now, those of you who are avid readers of Captivate Style will know that I am a student, and as broke as they come. Therefore, most of my posts are about budget brands such as Primark, Makeup Revolution or bargains I found in Wilkos. But Aisle Style fits in perfectly alongside them. Most of their dresses are under half of the RRP, and are as low as £90. Bear in mind, the extremely cheap dresses seem to be more simple sheaths, but still stunning if that's what you're looking for.

Aisle Style have got Autumn on the brain at the moment and as such have released a beautiful collection of deep purple bridesmaid dresses, all of which are stunning and would suit women the world over. They are also doing a deal where you can save 15% if you buy 4 of the same dresses for your bridesmaids, how amazing is that?!

So to tantalise your tastebuds I have included my top 5 items from each section of the Aisle Style website. I like dresses that are quite unique so I apologise if my picks don't take your fancy, but honestly head over to their website and have a look for yourself because I guarantee there will be something you love. Just to clarify further, I'm not getting married, but I do have Pinterest so these dresses will all go beautifully with my exhaustively planned Pinterest wedding. Please click the numbers for links.

Wedding Dresses






Bridesmaid Dresses






Special Occasion Dresses





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