The prettiest pink lipstick of them all…?

Those of you who follow me on instagram (@captivatestyle) may have seen a picture of my Superdrug haul I uploaded yesterday. In that haul I bought two new lip products, neither of which I'd ever tried before. The first is a Collection Work the Colour Lip Butter (Number 3 Vintage Rose) and the second is one of the brand new Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Lipstick (Appechissant T01).
Both lip products are almost identical pretty pink shades, that are perfect for spring, so I thought I'd compare the two. First of all the price difference is quite significant, the Bourjois Lipstick is £8.99 and the Collection Lip Butter is £2.99. As of yet, I'm not 100% sure that I would pay £8.99 for the Bourjois Lipstick again, but I'll get to that a bit later.

The packaging of the Bourjois lipstick is beautiful, I'm a complete sucker for the look of a product and this lipstick doesn't disappoint. It's sleek and elegant and generally just a pretty girly product.
 The applicator is a very soft almost "furry" texture, and it picks up a lot of product, it allows a fair bit of precision, but it can cause some smudges around the lips, especially if you're doing it in a rush or without a mirror! The formula of this lipstick is something I'm not too keen on. It's advertised as a "Water-Light Sensation"… and this is accurate, it literally feels like water when you apply it. It does dry off a little bit, but not to the point of staying matte, it is very shiny as the advertising suggests, but it's so watery that it lasts about 10 seconds on your lips. With all of this combined, I'm not sure this product is worth £8.99 and I'm not sure I would buy another, despite the fact there are lots of other beautiful shades.

The packaging and applicator of the Collection product is exactly what you'd expect for a lip butter. It's a "chubby stick" esque product with a crayon style applicator that you can twist up when it's running a bit low.

I really like this product, the formula is fantastic, very buttery and pigmented. It's very moisturising but not particularly sheer. For only £2.99 I think it's amazing and I want it in every single shade available.

Just for reference purposes in case any of you are interested in purchasing these products, I've taken pictures of some swatches, in natural light, so hopefully you guys can see the colours properly. On the left is the Collection Lip Butter and on the right is the Bourjois Lipstick.

Hope this gives you guys an idea about some of the pastel pink products in the drugstore at the moment. Let me know if you find any other good products or bargains!

N x


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