Sacrificing style for cervixes

Afternoon all, hope you're having a good week so far…

Please excuse the crude title of this post, but it was the wittiest thing I could come up with to tie my two passions. Some of you will know that outside the blogosphere I'm a student midwife, and trust me midwifery is not a profession you can do if you don't adore it. However, there was one flash of doubt that crossed my mind about my chosen career, and that was the moment I saw that I had to invest £70 in a pair of Clarks "unloops", the most horrendously ugly work shoes that you have ever seen. Despite my snobbery, and questioning of how strong my love for midwifery really was, I ploughed forward and I have to say, not once have a left a shift with sore feet.

My life has become and epic struggle between what's chic and what's clinical. Constant internal dilemmas about whether to drag myself out of bed and try out the 4 new palettes I've ordered this week, impulse buys caused by well worded emails from beauty companies with offers I can't resist; or alternatively curling up in bed in my onesie and waking up with pillow marks imprinted on my face.

I'm forever trying to weigh up the pros and cons of painting my nails for 2 days, knowing I'll have to take it off before placement, or having ugly bare nails for 4 weeks at a time. Although, there's no better feeling than finishing the last shift in a placement block, getting home and painting your nails before you have even unpacked your bag or made something for dinner.

There's days when I look at myself in my dove grey tunic - which is not a flattering colour on anyone. It washes you out at the best of times, but combined with the pallor provided by the hospital lights, you're about as likely to have a beautiful bronzed glow as a polar bear. Sometimes, I get in the lift at the end of the day and can't help but think "have I looked like this all day?" How horrendous for the babies that I deliver, that the first face they see is not a dewy-skinned, perfectly contoured, red-lipped beauty… but instead they see a frizzy haired, blotchy girl with eye bags the colour of the sky in the middle of a night shift. Well, they can't have it all, they'll soon figure out that there's worse things in this world than the massive spot in the middle of my forehead… for example the fact that every Superdrug in the country seems to have sold out of Collection Lasting Perfection concealers. 

Midwifery is an incredible job, but it comes with its downfalls and the lack of glamour is probably the biggest for me. My two biggest passions clash, but what is there to do except compromise and continue hoarding beauty products.

Love N x


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