Falling in love with Frenchies

So I'm sat here with blogger open, trying to muster up some inspiration for a post…. when I hear my French Bulldog puppy chomping away on something. Assuming it was a bobby pin (his favourite prohibited snack) or a bit of tissue (his other guilty pleasure), I grab the foreign object out of his chops after some food bribery and quickly establish it was one of my press-on nails. Considering I hadn't noticed I'd lost one, I was quite impressed. Therefore, I have decided he has earned a dedicated blog post, about what life is like with a frenchie at your feet.

1). First of all, a little about the pooch. The guilty face above here, is Franco, a 9 month old, fawn, French Bulldog puppy. Franco is a lairy, boisterous, 14kg bundle of love and farts (I'm not joking, it's a known fact that Frenchies have the worst gas of all breeds).

 2). My family had talked about having a dog for a long time. My Mum and I had been playing the long game with my Stepdad, with subtle hints that we wanted a Pug for about a year. Mark was extremely anti-pug, despite our best efforts, but was pro-dog, so we visited a dog show in Kent. There, we met a French Bulldog breeder and we all fell in love. For 3 months afterwards, all we could talk about was names for "the dog." Bear in mind, we'd not seen any puppies and the so called "dog" may not have even been born yet. When we got back from holiday, my parents went out for the day, and when they returned they had Franco on board… and life was never the same again.

3). French Bulldogs are the loveliest breed, but they're definitely people dogs, Franco practically walks on your feet wherever you go, and you can't leave them for long. But, that makes them your best friend instead of a burden.

4). Frenchies are extremely food orientated, excellent for training, not so great when you've got a dog licking your face while you're eating your Weetabix. You better get used to it though, he's a small dog, but 14kg of pure muscle, doesn't go down without a fight, trust me.

5). Stereotypically Frenchies hate water, because of their shape they can't swim very well. In typical Franco style though, he puts his middle finger up at the stereotypes and loves the water, including the bath. My bathroom has been taken over with dog products, and the number of times I accidentally pick up the Bed Head "Puppy Tearless shampoo"is worrying.

6). French Bulldogs, love sleep, and they snore, a lot, really loudly. Actually, they sort of make snorting noises all the time. Franco sounds like a pig most of the time, and often does this big sigh which makes him sound like he's bored of your company. They also fart more when they sleep - just a warning.

7). French Bulldogs are trendy at the moment, and their gorgeous faces are a perfect accessory. But the Frenchies themselves are not particularly fashion forward. They don't understand that you don't want dribble on your leggings; they always lick your makeup off straight after you apply it; and they jump up at you when you're wearing tights and make ladders in them, I'm pretty sure they do it on purpose. But their squishy faces, and charismatic, loving personalities make it easy to forgive their fashion faux paws (I have no apologies for the pun).

8). P.S. Frenchies are proper posers…


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