The trials and tribulations of being a blogger's boyfriend...

So this is a bit of a fun post, with contribution from my boyfriend Dan, about the positives and benefits of dating a blogger, particularly a fashion/beauty blogger. I'm very lucky, in that Dan is a personal trainer and he appreciates that everyone builds confidence in their looks in different ways, and he has quickly learnt that my makeup routine and nice clothes is what turns me from drab to fab.

Aside from my usual ramblings, Dan has contributed to this post in quote form, in order to give you a few ideas about what life is like with a girl who prioritises make-up over meals; and has banned him from purchasing yellow acid wash jeans (but don't worry he can wear whatever else he wants).

Dan and I met about 6 weeks ago now, and knew absolutely nothing about each other. To be honest with you, I can't remember how I threw the concept of blogging onto the table, but evidently I decided to invite him into the blogosphere pretty early on in our relationship.

He knew I had a huge crush on all things makeup related, but I'm not sure he had quite prepared himself for my affair with all beauty products. He had to get accustomed to that pretty sharpish and then was forced to listen to me chatter, and ramble and squeal on several occasions where I'd raided Superdrug…. this was his response:

I can hardly expect the boy to know his palettes from his primers and his bronzers and his blushes in the first few weeks though. But he certainly knew his least favourite product, lipstick… There is an allocated time in the morning where I am lipstick free and this is the time I am available for kisses, however Dan finds it difficult to adjust to the fact the once my lipstick is on, my lips are off limits. Although, he continues to kiss all over my face on purpose to spite me, often wiping half my foundation off in the process. If only he knew that that half of my face is probably worth about £40 in products.

Over the past few weeks I've steadily increased the amount of makeup I bring when I see him. But I think he may have finally caught on when I could no longer manage to drag my bag up the stairs, and instead had to pull the damsel in distress card and ask him to lift it for me. And not only that, he thought that was the extent of it… until he invited me as his plus one to a fancy do one evening, and I had no choice but to pack my train case full, because I'd had no time to plan my look! Luckily he doesn't mind the process of me getting ready that much:

I'm not sure what is so cute about contouring, because at that point in my makeup routine I look like some sort of Ancient Aztec Warrior with tribal paint on, but at least I am a perfectly shaded and highlighted Aztec?!

Alongside the blog and the beauty comes the selfies and Instagram, what more could he have expected?  I am a pure stereotypical white girl, who is obsessed with instagram and must expose every picture of myself/us to several alterations on Afterlight before the photo is allowed past my camera roll. He didn't realise quite how many ways there were to take a selfie, or where the best light was or how many you have to take before finding the perfect one - bless his heart, what would he do without me and my life skills eh?! Definitely wouldn't have that perfectly edited selfie on his Facebook timeline, that's for sure. 

I suppose I'm not portraying dating a blogger as a very positive thing, but just bear with me. Just imagine you're a guy, you've got an important event coming up, right before that happens you get a huge spot smack bang in the middle of your face. Now, all those naive guys with non-beauty obsessed girlfriends, would just have to suck it up and cope with it. But as Dan made a sensible and proactive life choice, he could have his spot covered in seconds… Instant confidence for him, instant ego boost for me and another couple of weeks freedom from his moaning about about finding blonde hairs everywhere, because he knows he owes me ;).

Please don't take this post too seriously, Dan and I have an amazing and jokey relationship and I want that to be reflected in this post. At the end of the day, I'm always going to be the girl who's hair is never perfect, who can't leave one room without looking in the mirror and who needs at least an hours pre warning before leaving the house…. and if you've got a guy that is okay with that, or in my case, that loves that about you. Then I think thats a very good guy to be with. 

Love, N x


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