ASOS shoe and accessory top picks for summer 2015

Hey everyone, hope you're all well. 

So this week I made the somewhat big mistake of typing into my URL bar, and as soon as I did my savings account started to weep. I started scrolling through the new collection of shoes and accessories, and I never got any further. For a girl like me, who's very rarely in flats, it was like shoetopia. So many gorgeous and unique heels, in nudes and neutrals, I honestly had to restrain from bankrupting myself.

The accessories and fine jewellery pieces also caught my eye, and are a massive part of my style in the spring/summer time. It's the fine details that really make simple summer outfits special, and I often style outfits around a pair of shoes. So, with all of this in mind, I have included my "top picks" …. but lets be honest it's pretty much a shopping list, of what I'll be purchasing and wearing over the next few months. 

Make sure you've consulted your bank/financial advisor/responsible adult before venturing on ASOS, and a massive kudos to them on this beautiful new collection.

See you soon, N x


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