Feeling overwhelmed and how to cope with it...

We all have down days and today is one of those days for me. These feelings have become a bit more common since I started my midwifery training, as it's so terrifying and emotionally draining.

When I was younger I used to write dramatic stories or poems to get it out of my system, but I feel like at some point, you've got to move on from the rhyming couplets and be clear and honest with yourself. Life is tricky and complicated and messy. At 19 years old you may think I don't have the life experience to confirm this statement, but trust me, I do.

If my own personal experiences weren't enough, following women on their transition through pregnancy to parenthood, is enough to teach the most naive person a few life lessons.

Although blogging and makeup and beauty is something I absolutely adore, as this blog grows, so does the demand, and juggling my uni life and blogging life is difficult. Don't get me wrong, I'm not documenting my dramatic exit from this blog, but I feel like my head is in 100 different places at once. My priority is always going to be midwifery, it's my career and it's going to be my life now, but this blog is my passion and I'm extremely proud of it, and wish I could put 100% more time in.

As well as worrying about my blogging to midwifery ratio, my course is hotting up massively, my things to do list is as long as my arm and I'm neglecting my family and friends. How could I have become this person that doesn't have time to reach out to her bestest friends and ask them how they are?! How have I reached the point where I'm forgetting to call my Mum everyday, when I used to live for our phone calls and catch ups?

So now I'm here, self-evaluating and reflecting, a process which this course has forced me to undertake. Wondering about my priorities and why they've suddenly changed. Sometimes growing up feels impossibly difficult and after today I've thought of a few things that make me feel more positive and motivated, that I wanted to share with you guys.

1). Tell someone you trust, and who knows you well.

Sometimes you just need a pep talk, and your best friend, boyfriend, mum, whoever are the best people to talk to because they know exactly what to say to plaster a grin back on your face. They also know all your strengths and weaknesses and will cheerlead you until you're back to yourself again.

2). Write.

Write poems, write stories, write blog posts, write feelings, write lists of things to do… just write. Writing things out, removes them from your mind and allows you to visualise it right in front of you and allows you to look at it logically and you'll gain more clarity. You don't have to be the next Shakespeare, write in a way you feel comfortable.

3). Eat.

Grab some feel good food. Whether it's a cuppa and some biscuits, ice cream (my personal choice) or health food… whatever floats your boat. You always feel better when you've got a happy full tummy.

4). Go for a walk.

I always find walking gives me peace of mind. I'm not sure if it's the fresh air or the walking itself but it's as if my brain power doubles and I'm able to untangle the web of thoughts and stressors in my brain. So pop your dogs lead on, or your cycle helmet or just a cosy jumper and a coat, have a wander around somewhere pretty and think and admire whats around you.

5). No one's perfect.

I've got a bit of a perfection complex, not a superficial beauty one but a personal one. I strive for perfection, or the closest I can get to it. I've always wanted the highest grades, the best results, tried my best to impress every person I meet and basically emulate the perfect child/grandaughter that my family have always believed me to be. But you can't be superwoman forever, it drains you, striving for perfection is draining because you're never going to be as good as you want to be. Being perfect isn't everything, you learn so much from your biggest mistakes and imperfections and to be honest it's just impossible. You're never going to please everyone, especially not yourself, so stop trying. I'm not saying don't do your best, do your absolute best or you'll regret it. I'm simply saying, sometimes your super suit needs a few days off, and there's nothing wrong with hanging up your cape.

N x


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