Budget makeup brands and the most beautiful blush palette in the world

Good evening everyone, I hope you're all well.

Now you all know I'm a student midwife, and although I work 50% as part of my training I don't get paid and so I'm equally as broke as the history, law and surveying students that surround me at university.

In a roundabout way I'm trying to suggest that all of the makeup I buy is drugstore, and the cheap drugstore products at that. When I moved to Essex, my housemates and I… NUS cards on board, found our haven in the high street Superdrug, where I met and fell in love with Makeup Revolution.

The company was founded in London and is just coming up to being a year old. Their ethos is "revolutionary performance and quality in every product at revolutionary prices" and boy they do not disappoint.

I started out buying their eyeshadow palettes, retailing from £4-£8 and with every further product I purchased my obsession and admiration for this brand grew. They're products are fantastic, they could compete with any of the well-known drugstore giants. Several of their products reached holy grail status instantly… the double-ended liner and the pro-makeup fixing spray, and the rest of the products slowly and seductively integrated themselves into my everyday makeup routine and sequently into my heart.

I recently went on a binge in Superdrug and fell head over heels in love with their new blush palettes. They come in two designs, "Hot Spice" and "Sugar and Spice" they retail at the insane price of £6! You get 6 blush shades and two highlight shades in each. If I'm honest with myself, I desperately wanted to by both, but it was a toss up between both palettes or one palette and a reduced tub of Ben and Jerry's from Tescos, and the only thing I love as much as makeup is ice cream, so I negotiated with myself.

I bought the "Hot Spice" palette, just because at the time I preferred it and thought the colours were ones that suited my skin tone a little better. Took it home, unwrapped it and immediately knew that Make-up Revolution had outdone themselves yet again. The colours are not hugely pigmented, but there's no need for them to be, they give the most beautiful dusty, rosy, flushed look that is just the ideal blush in my eyes.

Above is the palette itself and the swatches, on my arm the shades are 1-6 starting at the top and working downwards. The blushes are all matte, except number one, the orangey toned one, which I'm still on the fence about. I haven't swatched the highlight shades on my arm as the camera wasn't picking them up well, but on your cheeks they are divine. A close call for my Undress Your Skin highlighter by MUA and that is saying something.

I am heading back to Superdrug, the thought of Ben and Jerry's long behind me to buy the "Sugar and Spice" palette, and knowing me, another 20 products that I probably don't need.

Off you go then girls, let the makeup revolution begin.

N x

Apps to edit photos: Afterlight and A Beautiful Mess

Blush palettes: http://www.makeuprevolutionstore.com/index.php/palettes/blush-and-contour-palette.html

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