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Good evening everyone, I hope your first week back at school or work has been productive…. unlike mine. Some of you may know that I'm a student midwife, and I was due to return back to placement on Monday. Unfortunately, my body decided against this plan and I've been drowning in snotty tissues and overflowing hot water bottles ever since.

Seeing as no doctor seems to know what's wrong with me, and therefore what I can do to fix it, it looks like I may be off for some time as I don't appear to be getting any better! So here I am, sat in my bed with 2 hot water bottles, an empty packet of paracetamol, a digital thermometer and a queue of Lucozade bottles… writing a blog post which is unlikely to make any sense on reflection.

I haven't been moving further than my bed aside from to go the bathroom, so a fashion or beauty post appears to be out of the question. So, I thought I would do a bit of a summary or a favourites post about what I've been using whilst I've been ill and what's getting me through the days. I can't promise it will be an interesting or even decent post, but it's the best I've got for now!

The first thing I've been loving while I've been sick is as close to fashion as we're going to get…. obviously pyjamas.

Those of you who follow me on instagram may have seen me post about this pyjamas. They're from next and my Mum bought me them for Christmas. I usually wear a size 8-10 and these are a size 10, perfect for slouchy and lounge clothes. The material is really thick and soft and despite being pyjamas the fit is really flattering. I particularly love the internal label that says "today I choose to hibernate"… they're perfect.

The next thing on my list is Youtube… I'm sure many of us have spent 24 hours hibernating in front of our favourite you tubers, and I have been saved from boredom by 3 of my favourites this week.
The lovely EssieButton (Estee), velvetgh0st (Gabby) and of course my ultimate favourite InTheFrow (Victoria). Go and check out their channels, instagrams, twitters, just everything they're all amazing people.

Next up we have a little bit of a nod to beauty. Being ill and dehydrated has given me the most dry, cracked lips in history so I've been reaching for my new Ted Baker Lip Balm. I got this in a Ted Baker Gift Set for Christmas and it's super cute. It's in a tiny little pot, with a parisian theme just like the rest of the set… and for someone who has an entire parisian themed bedroom it is incredible. It's got a warm vanilla sort of scent and is really smoothing and hydrating, and my lips are now kissable again (although with my germs I think my boyfriend would still reject the smoothest of lips!).

Now we have yet another Christmas gift, unfortunately I have no idea where this came from however I have done some research and you can find similar items in Tescos and Debenhams. It is a red cable knit hot water bottle, and it has been a godsend, the wool is super soft and not itchy or irritating at all.

Sleeping in the day when you're ill is often a given, but as a student midwife I often have to sleep in the day after night shifts which is why for my birthday my Mum upgraded my previous eye mask to this one. It does look like a bra, no denying it. But it is in fact a 3D contoured, memory foam, sleep mask…
By 3D contoured mask it means that the mask is actually convex to allow space for your eyes and eyelashes, so you don't feel restricted. It also has velcro fastening to adjust it exactly the way you like it and it's so soft and light you barely realise you have it on. I'm unsure where this is from but type in "3D memory foam, sleep mask" into Google and there are hundreds of places you can buy ones just like it including amazon and eBay.

Finally I thought I would give you a bit of a peek at songs I'm listening to whilst I'm off, these are just a quick summary. I'm particularly loving Adam Barnes at the moment, I'd forgotten about him until Zoella featured his song "Old Shoes" in the background of one of her recent GRWM videos and it renewed my love in him. Check him out!

Thank you for reading guys, I'm sorry this post is a bit lacklustre and I'll be back soon.

N x

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Youtubers/fashion/beautybloggers to check out: EssieButton, velvetgh0st, Inthefrow.


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