Review: Lee Stafford Argan Oil Twisted Curling Wand

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas. I spent Christmas with my family and it was a really lovely day.

This year my family started asking me what I wanted for Christmas early and I honestly didn't have anything specific in mind. In mid-November I heard about the Lee Stafford Curling Wand on InTheFrow's Youtube channel (go and follow/subscribe to her on everything because she's amazing).

I've got curling wands and tongs and heated rollers coming out of my ears, but I was really intrigued by this. The barrel itself is covered in grooves and bumps, the idea being that every curl is different and the end result is natural looking curls; and preventing uniform-type curls from grouping together.

So on Christmas day, after unwrapping my brand new wand, I couldn't wait to get dressed up and test it out. I washed and conditioned my hair with my Herbal Essences Bee Strong shampoo and conditioner. I towel-dried it until it was slightly damp and then put some of my L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil onto the ends of my hair, and any excess oil left on my hands I ran through my roots. I really recommend the Extraordinary Oil, it makes my hair look so healthy and shiny and never leaves it greasy; it also has heat protective elements. Finally, I sectioned my hair off and dried it with a large barrel brush for increased volume, as my hair is really fine.
I then sectioned my hair off again into layers, using a big dog clip to separate the rest of my hair. The wand took minutes to heat up, I was so impressed at how quick it was. I then took small sections of hair and wrapped the length around the wand bringing the hair back on itself towards my face, and held it for about 15 seconds. I did this all the way around my hair, taking different size sections in order to make them less uniform
The curls the wand made were beautiful, and every one was different, giving my hair a really voluminous, natural look. The wand also made my hair look incredibly shiny, because the barrel is infused with Argan Oil. The curls were easily teased and shaped to how you wanted them, but also held their shape really well so I didn't end up pulling all of the curl out.

Here are some pictures to demonstrate all the different looks I've tried over the past few days.
The wand was so versatile and I've been able to create so many different looks with it already. The above picture was on Christmas day and I left the curls quite tight for a more sophisticated look. 

This was the next day, after sleeping on it and brushing it. Bearing in mind I'd used no hairspray the day before either, I couldn't believe how well the curls had held. It gave me more of a relaxed natural wavy look, but was equally lovely.

I then did my younger sister's hair for a family wedding and it looked incredible. She looked like a Disney Princess and her curls lasted until the next day with no hairspray as well.
And this final picture is today, again a more relaxed look. My hair is naturally wavy so I just wanted to enhance my natural waves. I did everything I've listed above but I wrapped the hair really loosely around the barrel and held it there for 5-10 seconds to achieve these waves.

In summary I am completely in love with the Lee Stafford wand, I can't imagine my routine without it now and my hair has never looked so healthy and shiny. The idea of the twisted barrel is original and interesting but it really works and adds a new dimension to my locks. Go and buy one now!

N x


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