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Good afternoon everyone… I woke up this morning in my hometown with a bit of a skin situation! First of all I just want to give you a little background to my skin.

When I was about 14 I had horrendous skin, every kind of spot imaginable and it was extremely oily, no skin products seemed to work. At 15 I was put on the pill for endometriosis and it cleared up my skin in weeks. Since then, despite the fact that I have been on and off the pill my skin has been amazing. I would say it's probably normal to dry and sometimes it gets oily at the end of a shift but that's it. Blemishes are gone and spots are never ever a problem.

For some reason I woke up this morning with 3/4 huge spots on my forehead,  so I'm going to show you how I deal with bad skin. I'm also going to throw in the rest of my GRWM as I've not done an everyday make up look so I hope you enjoy it, I will link everything I have used down below.

So the picture below shows my face this morning, with no product on whatsoever. It's difficult to see the spots but they are definitely there and definitely sore!

So the first thing I start off with is cleansing wipes. I just use the Simple cleansing wipes that you can get from any drugstore or supermarket, they're really gentle on the skin. 

Next you need to moisturise… this is vital with bad skin, especially if you're going to put makeup over the top. If the skin is dry and cracked, the makeup will just sit on the dry skin and you end up drawing more attention to it than if you left it! My holy grail moisturiser is Re-Gen Cream, I get mine for £3.99 from Home bargains. It's just the most smooth, easily absorbed moisturiser, that leaves your skin feeling hydrated all day. It also reduces redness - again perfect for spots, and is great for stretch marks.

Next I prime my face. Personally I prime my face everyday because it maintains my makeup so much more. However, keeping in mind I'm focusing on bad skin, primers add an extra layer of moisturising as well as helping your concealer and foundation stay in place around the blemishes. I use the MUA Pro-Base Primer as pictured above. I get mine from Superdrug and it's around £4.00. It mattify's your face and noticeably reduces your pores.

Then we come to colour correcting. I use the MUA Pro-Base Prime and Conceal Palette, which is around £4.00. This is something I've only recently added to my makeup routine, and I generally only use the top left orange colour. I blend the orange colour on my dark circles and it ensures that even if your foundation/concealer fades, your dark circles don't come through - amazing, couldn't imagine not doing it now. For blemishes I use the bottom left, the green colour. Using a concealer brush (I have a concealer brush for colour correcting and another concealer brush for concealing and highlighting), I blend a small amount of product over the blemish. The product doesn't have to be completely blended as your foundation and concealer will do the rest, but the green shade just stops the redness from showing through your makeup.

Usually I apply my foundation with a damp beauty blender. However, because my skin was bad I wanted more of a full matte coverage instead of my usual dewy look. I used my Superdrug Dual-Ended Foundation and Concealer Brush which is £4.99 in any Superdrug store. I apply a good amount of the I <3 Makeup (part of the Revolution brand) No Shine Please Matte foundation, to the back of my hand and take product onto my brush from there. I blend the foundation all over my face and down into my neck.

Next I conceal my spots. I use the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in the shade Ivory. I dot some product on to the spots using the applicator and then blend with the concealer end of my Superdrug dual-ended brush.

Then I highlight with the same concealer. I draw an upside down triangle under both eyes, a line down the bridge of my nose, a line across my chin, a couple of lines in between my brows and finally a few dots along my brow arch, as you can see in the picture above. I then blend that out with my concealer brush or my beauty blender.

Once the concealer is blended, the makeup needs setting, I use a small tapered brush and apply Rimmel Clear Complexion Translucent Powder directly onto the areas I have highlighted.I then use a big fluffy powder brush to set the rest of the makeup, ensuring I also set the makeup on my neck.

 Now on to eyebrows. I use the Avon Mocha Latte Quad and a small angled brush. I use the top right brown colour as my eyebrows are fair. I focus on the tail and the arch of my brows and extend the tail a little. The picture above also demonstrates my contouring. I use a contour brush and the Accessorize Bronzer , this is the best bronzer I've ever owned but unfortunately it's been discontinued now, it's a bit of a dupe for the Body Shop honeycomb bronzer.

For blush I stole a touch of my sisters Rockateur by Benefit and lightly applied it to the apples of my cheeks with a fluffy brush. The highlighter in the picture above is one of my holy grails, it is one of my favourite products in my entire makeup collection and it is the prettiest highlighter you will ever use. It is the MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder. It comes in two colours, and I own both, one is Pink Shimmer and the one above is called Iridescent Gold. I apply it above my cheekbones, on my cupids bow, on my brow arches and a tiny bit on the tip of my nose.

Another one of my holy grails and one of the more expensive items in my mostly budget beauty makeup bag is Lemon Aid by Benefit. Before I started using eyeshadow more and more, I used to wear it on its own as it really brightens up your eyes. Now I use it as a primer underneath my eyeshadows, I apply it on my lids, in my tear ducts and underneath my waterline.

The palette pictured above is my go-to for eyeshadow. It is the Revolution Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette in Flawless the shadows range from neutrals to smokey shades and contains both matte and glittery shadows. The shadows are so pigmented and last all day, they blend amazingly and for only £8.00 I think it is an amazing bargain. I used the third row along today and used the darkest colour to cut the crease and line my waterline and blended the others in. I also used one of the paler shades in my tear ducts, to brighten up my eyes.

For eyeliner my go-to is another Revolution product. The Awesome Double Flick Thick and Thin Eyeliner is a felt tip style eyeliner which is so easy to use and applies so beautifully. It has a thick and a thin end as it suggests in the title and this allows you to have more control and definition over how you want your liner to look.

The mascara I used today was the Maybelline Rocket Volume Express. Apart from the Benefit They're Real mascara, it's the best mascara I have ever used. It gives lashes amazing volume and separation without being clumpy. The only disadvantage to it, is that sometimes my eyelashes are so long that the mascara transfers onto my brow bone!

Lipstick is my favourite part of applying my makeup. Today I used one of my MUA lipsticks, I think it's shade 7 but the writing has worn off! I used that with my Apocalips Lip Lacquer in the shade Eclipse. 

 And that's my finished look, and the end of the longest blog post in history! Above is a picture of all the products I've used, as well as my Revolution Pro-Fixing Spray. I've also included a picture of my outfit. Houndstooth leggings from new look and purple cropped jumper from H&M.

Hope you've enjoyed this,

N x

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