Boots Haul

Happy weekend my lovelies. I've finally got a weekend off after working about 100 hours these past few weeks. But, there's no rest for the wicked, I'm back to university on Monday. 

Anyway, back to the post. A few weeks back my make-up bag was definitely needing a spruce up. I was scraping concealer out of the bottle, and squeezing the life out of my foundation. My favourite lipsticks had all dried out or been used up and my collection was looking a little worse for wear.

So when I was home in Kent I made a beeline for Boots, points card in hand, in desperate need of anything to slather on my face. For months I've been using the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid, and although I liked it, I've fallen a little bit out of love with it and fancied a change. I've heard excellent things about Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation, so following the ever-reliable hand swatch, I thought I'd give it a go. The coverage is a little lighter than I'd like, but it's very pretty nonetheless, and actually quite build able when it comes down to it.

The next bee in my bonnet was concealer. Ever since I first tried it, Collection Lasting Perfection has been irreplaceable in my makeup bag. However, it seems Boots and Superdrug are unaware of my innate need for this product, as it's NEVER in stock in any store in the whole of Essex. But woe behold, I head to the Collection stand, and it is stocked to the hilt. So of course I picked up two. To be honest there's no point me giving a review, go and buy it, you're welcome.

The last little bits from Revlon I'd seen on a previous visit, but my student bank account prevented me from adding them to my makeup bag (but not from swatching them). They swatched beautifully, but what sold me was the fact I still couldn't get them off my hand 2 days later. Always means a winner right? 

I picked up the pink colour in matte finish, and the purple colour in a satin finish. I'm sorry I haven't got the colours to hand, but as soon as I get home I'll update this post. They're such lovely colours for Autumn and they last so well it's unreal, they're my first Revlon lip products and I'm not disappointed. I may have to go back for more colours, if you have any, let me know and I'll be sure to pick them up.

Lots of love as always,

N x


  1. I've previously tried this foundation and although it gave a good coverage it was too dark for unfortunately so I may have to give it another go! Really enjoyed a read of this! ~Soph (OhMyValentino)

  2. These Revlon lip crayons look lovely, I love the colours. xx

  3. I love your photos! And I agree the collection concealer is so irreplaceable. I really want to give the Revlon lip products more of a go because they've gotten such great reviews and they have an amazing shade range. :) x


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