Why I took a break from blogging...

Hello there everyone!

It feels like an age since I pulled on a cosy sweater in the rain and curled up on the sofa to write. It has in fact been an entire month since I graced your computer screens with my sarcasm and poor grammar. So, I feel like I owe you a little bit of an explanation about why I took such a big step back from my keyboard.

First things first, there's no hugely dramatic illness, which is unusual for me as my life revolves around my next A&E admission. There's no family problems, no heartbreak and no other personal tragedy. In fact, there's not really one specific reason why I've been away.

Blogging is something I love, and something I've done for a long time now, but it's increasingly difficult to persevere with blogging when the standards are rocketing sky high. My midwifery career engulfs a huge amount of my time, both working, studying and reading-up in your free time is hugely stressful. Finding time to run a blog is one thing, but finding time to run it as well as I want to is even more of a hurdle.

Basically, what I'm getting to is pretty similar to a post I wrote in March about becoming overwhelmed. I am very easily stressed, as most perfectionists are, and I'm struggling to maintain all the different hats I wear on a day-to-day basis. Don't worry I'm not going anywhere soon, I just might be reducing the quantity of posts and focusing on the quality. I will also be maintaining my Instagram and other social media so you can keep up to date with me on there.

I'm sorry that my return to the blogosphere has resulted in a gloomy post but I promise I'll be bringing you some amazing content soon. So stock your cupboard with tea bags and some choccy digestives ready for the next episode of Nancy's life.

Love N x

P.S. if there's no post this time next week, I've most likely been struck down by a hugely dramatic illness, so please send your choccy digestives to my house, they'll make me feel much better. Love and kisses in advance.


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