A Day in London

Evening guys, again I have been the worst blogger in the world and have neglected all of you! I'm very sorry and hope you'll enjoy this personal post, and a little glimpse into my life.

As a student midwife we have to do a certain number of non-midwifery hours, and a couple of us were a few hours under, so we went on an adventure to the Royal College of Surgeons Museum to have a look around the anatomy and physiology specimens. 

We stepped off the train and within seconds my housemate Mercedes (Mermaids Makeup) had spotted a Starbucks from about 3 miles back - she's talented this one. We queued for our now essential coffees and red cups in hand we headed for our destination.

Eventually we found it, but we had to finish our coffees before we went in, so we wandered around Lincoln's Inn Park, which was just opposite the museum. It was really pretty, and perfect for getting some instagram worth snaps of our red cups! After a couple of embarrassing attempts at some autumn "leaf throwing" pictures and getting covered in muddy water, we gave up and eventually got in to the museum.

The museum was really interesting but it wasn't long until, typically, our bellies were rumbling. So we started off on a jaunt, with no direction whatsoever. After walking past 7 Eats and 12 Pret a Mangers, we still couldn't decide, so we jumped on the tube to Leicester Square, where student discounted restaurants are abundant. 

By this point we were all hungry and no one could make a decision where to go, so eventually we ended up in Chiquitos where we had some really yummy food (sweet potato fries of course).

We also saw the tree in Covent Garden, now it may be a bit early for all of you Scrooge's out there, but I was thrilled at the sight of the tree and took about a million pictures in all of the excitement.

So I hope you enjoyed this post. See you all soon.

Lots of love, N x


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