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(The above two pictures are not mine, they are copyright to Messie Mats, and can be found on Instagram @messie_mats). 

This is a product that I've been raving about to all my friends ever since it came out. Firstly, because Messie Mats are an amazing, gorgeous and simple product, that all makeup junkies need in their life; and secondly because they were designed and created by my lovely friend, and amazing makeup artist Emma Smisson. She doesn't know I'm doing this blog post, and probably has no idea I blog, so hi Emma if you're reading.

I met Emma a few years ago, when I won a Model For a Day competition with a photographer who was a mutual friend. Emma came to do the makeup for the shoot, and since then has been my go to makeup artist, for proms and events. She is a fantastic makeup artist and the loveliest person, so we were all sad when she stepped back from makeup to push Messie Mats even further; and she is doing amazingly.

I'm a Beauty Crowd Pro (among my many other bits and bobs) and was unbelievably excited when I saw Messie Mats on the home page of their website a few weeks ago. I'll leave all her links at the end of the post so you can go and order them all, and follow all the social media for new releases.

I am the proud owner of the Lexie mat, which is a grey colour with a white star pattern. But, all of the designs are stunning, a mixture of floral, animal print and geometric patternss, in beautiful brights and pastel colours, makes it almost impossible to choose a favourite.

Like all of the Messie Mats, it is waterproof, wipeable, glitter resistant, lipstick proof and generally perfect for protecting my sides from makeup messes. I don't know how I ever coped without it! One of my favourite uses for it is to paint my nails on it, it makes it so much easier, without worrying about staining my clothes.

So there it is, there's no more to say except for get yourselves a Messie Mat and follow the brand as it becomes more and more of a success.

Lots of love, N x

Beauty Crowd -

Messie Mats Website -

Twitter - @Messiemats

Instagram - @messie_mats


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