Fragrance Friday: Paco Rabanne Olympea

Hello everyone, hope you've all had a good week. 

Now I know you thought the fact it was the weekend is excitement enough, but you are very wrong. You were unaware that I have slaved over the name for this brand new segment here on Captivate Style. That's right, Fragrance Friday. I know, I have no idea where my imagination comes from either.

Aside from the sarcasm, this genuinely is going to be a new segment here on the blog for the next few weeks at least. As you may know it was my 20th birthday recently, and I was lucky enough to be spoiled with all sorts of perfume and other lovely scented bits, hence the birth of Fragrance Friday.

First up is this beautiful little gem from Paco Rabanne. Now those of you who know me personally will be aware of the fact that I've been wearing Lady Million every day since it was released. The only exception being my purchases of the Taylor Swift perfumes, for pure Swiftie loyalty reasons.

Now Lady Million is what I would call a really sexy scent, it's very musky and warm. Olympea, is Lady Million's sweet little sister. First of all, the packaging…. do I even need to elaborate? It's baby pink, AND gold AND sparkly AND it has a huge gem on top. This is not just a blogger's dream perfume, this is purely just a girl's dream perfume.

The scent is sweet but not sickly and it lasts for days. It's a very summery, pretty, girly scent and I'm in love. Expect to see it featured in the composition of many of my photographs from now onwards.

See you next week for Fragrance Friday… Don't get too excited!

Lots of Love, N x


  1. The packaging is so pretty! Happy Birthday whenever it was haha!


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