La Roc Makeup Brushes

Hi guys, just a quick little post this evening as my workload is currently insaaaane (I know, excuses excuses).

This is another one of my birthday presents, I was given these by my lovely boyfriend, who denies all interest in makeup but is happy to indulge mine. He had no idea whether these were good or not, but I have to admit that I love love love them. A couple of the eyeshadow brushes are a little bit dense, but this actually makes them perfect for packing shadow on (something that was extremely helpful for an exciting collaboration I've got coming up). The only other issue I have with them is that a couple of bristles sometimes fall out of them, but I think this is generally because the bristles are soooo soft.

It's so lovely to have such a wide range of different shapes and sizes, especially because I'm so obsessed with eyeshadow. But I'm also obsessed with the huge, thick fan brush, it makes my highlighter heavenly. The brushes are by La Roc which you can find online, definitely from Amazon and eBay, and they're really reasonable, so go check them out!

Lots of love, N x


  1. These sound really good, how lucky. Good soft makeup brushes are a must xx

  2. I have this set too and although I love all the eyeshadow ones I don't really use/like the bigger ones :( but overall it is a good set for the price :D


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